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Routed Stringers

A well made stringer is the backbone of any good staircase. At Unlimited Hardwoods Supply, we use our state of the art CNC machines to route out perfect stringers with accuracy to within 1/10,000th of an inch. Assembling your staircase in the field ensures that your fit is custom, with no gaps between sheetrock and studs. We make that process easy by routing out your stringers for you – making field assembly a snap. Our standard stringer is made from solid 3/4″ material – not the cheap plywood you see from other stair companies. We can also make stain grade stringers from whatever species you choose. Simply select the wood species, identify the number of risers you need, and pick Left or Right Side stringer. (When viewed looking up from the bottom of the stair).

We will contact you to obtain the rise and run measurements to get your stringers in production.

If you need more than one pair of stringers, please send only one message using the form. We will contact you for more details about your order and then you will send us information about other stringers.

We have Open Stringers available for sections of open staircase.

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